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On behalf of all of us at Billings Fencing Company, thank you for visiting our page and entrusting us with your fencing needs. We have been fencing Billings residential and commercial properties for quite some time now, and it never gets old to see the happy look on the face of our customers when the job is done exactly how they envisioned. No job is too big or too small for us. We are proud to offer a variety of fencing construction services for your home or business.

Whether you need a new baseball fence, livestock fence, privacy fence, garden fence, farm fence, residential fence, commercial fence, or any other type of fence, you will find it at Billings Fencing Company. Our team consists of expert fence builders who have installed every type of fence that you could ever need. With the help of our fencing experts, you can have any fence that you want and need. If you have an existing fence and want us to break it down, haul it away, and reinstall a different type of fence, we’re happy to do it for you. We offer a wide selection of quality fences. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Likewise, we can customize it to suit your needs. Since we work with the best suppliers in Montana, our customers get the best products for their fencing projects. They also enjoy savings and years of durability.

About Us

We have provided sturdy, durable, and beautiful fencing for the Billings, MT area for more than two decades. As a family-run business, we know what our neighbors expect of us, so we strive to deliver. We deliver quality fencing that you can rely on, and we always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We build each fence with precision and care, followed by thorough inspection to ensure that it has been properly installed. You receive the best products and services when you call on Billings Fencing Company for your fencing needs. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority!

Our Services

Regardless of the type of fence you want, you’re sure to find it here. We make sure that we understand the needs of our Billings clientele! Our team offers various fencing options that are compatible with almost any budget. We know that a newly built fence is no small investment. That being said, we provide affordable fence options built with high-quality materials that will last you a very long time. Please see below for a comprehensive list of the services our fence contractors offer.

Vinyl Fencing

How to Install Vinyl Fencing?

You might be curious about the standard steps of professional vinyl installation. No worries, because it is a simple process, and the only finger you will lift will be to open the door for our fencing experts. Our installation process goes as follows:

First things first, we must have a rough idea of the length and width of the fence you need. Also, you will want a rough estimate of the total cost of installation. A qualified expert will make a site visit for measurements. They will make a professional conclusion of how much it would cost and how much time it would take to complete.

Once you receive your accurate estimations, you can open the floor for negotiations. We are an establishment that listens to our clients and maintains flexibility. Therefore, if you provide us with your budget, we can work together to stick by it and address your needs. Once we agree, we will put you in the books for a specific installation date.

The preparation stage sees our experts gathering materials required for the installation. It involves equipment and special accessories if any. We will also send out a professional to your property to mark public utilities. This includes gas lines, water pipes, power lines, and cables. We do this to prevent any mishaps from happening during the installation.

Now that your property is ready, the work can commence. Installation starts with digging around the area that the fence will go. Next, the experts will set up poles needed to hold the vinyl fence up. Then, they will begin the installation of rails and slats to complete the fence.

Both you and the project manager will conduct a thorough inspection of the complete fence. Be sure to voice your questions and concerns for clarification and rectification. Both of you need to be fully satisfied with the fence.

Finally, the experts will clean up any debris and waste from the installation job. We strive to leave your pretty as good as we found it. Also, we dispose of the debris correctly.

You will receive a detailed invoice close to the estimation you had received.

You deserve to have the best type of fence that your money can buy. Vinyl fences are very affordable and will last for many years to come, making them an excellent value option for fencing. Whether you are adding a fence for your purposes or to increase the value of your home when you sell, you can’t go wrong with the classic look of a vinyl fence installed by Billings Fencing Company.

Wooden Fencing

How to Maintain a Wooden Fence?

To properly maintain a wooden fence, it is recommended that you apply a coat of stain once a year so that the integrity of the wood is protected from the Billings elements. Other helpful maintenance tips you should pay attention to include:

Now and then, you need to walk along your wooden fence line and conduct a thorough inspection. The wooden feces could have some issues that graduate into costly repairs if not identified quickly. Look out for loose nails, rotting pieces, broken pickets, and insect damage. Also, ensure that no plants are leaning against the fence or growing too close to it. Finally, check for signs of soil washing away, causing loose pickets.

When cleaning your fence, ensure that you do not flood it. Wood can absorb moisture, leading to rot, and mold growth. Always use specially formulated wood cleaner or soap. Scrub with a brush for better results or the appropriate power washer. Pay attention to where the fence meets the ground. Preferably do it on a sunny day to increase the chances of drying completely.

Speaking of moisture, you should adjust your sprinklers to face away from the wooden fence. If not, change the reach of the sprinkler to prevent watering the fence. As mentioned, water is not suitable for wooden fences because it stimulates mold growth and rot. Do everything you can to stop this from happening.

As pretty as that basket of flowers looks on your fence, it is not the best accessory for a wooden fence. Unfortunately, hanging items on your wooden fence could cause the pickets to warp and sometimes break. If you must hand in something, ensure that it is very lightweight to prevent damage to the panels.

Is your grill too close to your fence? It could be causing unsightly damage to your wooden fence. The smoke would stain the wood, plus heat from the grill could cause warping and breaking. Grease could also stain the fence. Move your grill further away from the fence to prevent this from happening.

Lastly, you should schedule wooden fence maintenance from a professional. After all, there are limitations to what you can do for your fence. Professionals can do more and prevent future problems. It is a knowledgeable investment that will save you money in costly repairs.

That being said, we also offer treated wood options for the ranch-style fences that do not require nearly as much upkeep and maybe a good option for your ranch fence or livestock corrals! We have fenced many homes, businesses, and ranches all over Billings and take great pride in our wooden fence-building skills. We have completed fence projects that are over a mile long. Additionally, we have no problem building a wooden privacy fence for a small town lot! No job is too big or too small for our fencing team in Billings! If you give us a call, we are more than happy to come to your property to provide you with a comprehensive estimate for your fencing project. We can also recommend certain types of wood that are best suited for your project and budget. Our goal is to keep you informed and comfortable with the overall plan. Also, if you have a property covered in trees and need tree removal Billings MT we can also refer you to the best companies around.

Chain Link Fencing

Common Applications of Chain Link Fencing

Not sure if a chain-link fence is the best for you? Chain link fencing is more popular than you would think. Even residential spaces nowadays have chain link fencing, modified for a specific aesthetic and beauty. Let us advise you as to whether a chain-link fence is the best for your situation. Consider the following typical applications of this sturdy fencing option to make your decision easier.

The chain-link fence is commonly used in animal enclosures. It includes domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. It prevents your fur babies from going out into the streets or out of the yard. Animal enclosures also mean zoos and parks to separate humans from animals. You can also find chain link fences on-farm enclosures to keep cattle and other livestock within a decided perimeter.

Factories and industrial areas need a lot of security. One way to achieve that is with a durable chain link fence. Most factories and industries add barbed wire to the fences to boost security. The chain links help those inside to maintain the visibility of the tree without compromising security.

Many public parks and schools use chain link fences. They offer unmatched security while letting the light in. Because you can see through the chain links, they are the ideal security fence for such places. The same goes for sports fields, such as baseball diamonds and football fields.

Creating a perimeter or boundary is not always about blocking a view. Therefore, a chain-link fence would be an ideal choice for such instances. It is strong, durable, and will mark the perimeter for anyone to see. It will not hinder light penetration, and you can comfortably see to the other side.

Lastly, many correctional facilities in the US use chain link fencing because it provides unmatched security. Often the fencing is modified with a razor or barbed wire to improve safety. It proves that you will be getting the best security features, should you choose chain link fencing for your residential property or business.

Lastly, you should schedule wooden fence maintenance from a professional. After all, there are limitations to what you can do for your fence. Professionals can do more and prevent future problems. It is a knowledgeable investment that will save you money in costly repairs.

Once you have a chain-link fence on your property, the value will go up. The added security and sturdiness of the fence will make your property a better choice to buyers; if you are planning on selling soon.

Fence Removal & Tear Down

Signs That You Need a New Fence

If you are worried that it might not be time to tear down the old fence, you can quickly tell with a few sure signs. According to our fencing experts, it is time to get fence replacement when:

If your fence is leaning outward or inward, it is time to get a replacement. To the eye, a leaning fence seems like an easy problem to fix. However, there could be an unseen issue, such as a weakened fence post causing the problem. Later, it could warp or even break. Instead of sticking a bandage on it, fix the problem by getting a new fence.

If a large tree or branch falls on your fence, it could sustain significant structural damage such that repairs will not suffice. The same goes for if a car runs through the fence or a heavy object takes down part of the fence. Call the experts to remove and replace the fence after taking steps to ensure that it will not happen again.

It goes for painted fences. If there is a significant color change, it means that the material has aged and lost its aesthetics. The practical thing to do is to replace it with new aesthetics and more vibrant color.

The poles of a fence ensure that it stays up and provides you with the necessary security. They are a crucial part of the fence. If the posts can move the side from side, it is not a good sign. The soil may have washed away, causing this looseness. It will often require replacement. Also, it could be that the material is too weak to stay in place. This calls for a new fence with stronger materials.

If your fence is supposed to be solid and opaque, then seeing through it is not a good sign. Visible holes are a sign of insect infestation, especially on wooden fences. You may be able to replace the affected panels. However, in most cases, it is more practical and cost-efficient to replace the fence.

Rather than sacrificing all of your valuable time, allow us to tear down and haul away your fence for you.

Fencing Maintenance and Repair

Wrought Iron Fencing

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